Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Totally Tumblr


So today I finally reached 100 followers on my main Tumblr! It might seem like nothing, but this is a huge milestone for me, as 100 has been my target since I made an account. I'm so happy, and if anyone reading thing follows me there, you have impeccable taste and I love you. If you don't follow me, please do - click here to go to my blog.

On a slightly different note: I also made a new Tumblr recently. I have quite a few different blogs, all with different styles, because I often get fed up with reblogging a certain type of pictures and switch to something completely different.

My main blog is kind of vintage/indie-themed, and I reblog a lot of nature, architecture, ornate things and Lana Del Rey.

My pale blog does what it says on the tin - it's strictly only for pale photos.

My pastel goth blog is one I don't really keep up with these days, but it has a lot of photos of the pastel goth style if you're interested.

My random blog, so to speak, is just a collection of various different humorous, memorable or otherwise relevant or interesting stuff that doesn't fit any of my other blogs. There's lots of Doctor Who, gifs, animals and Disney.

And last but not least, adjectives which describe my new blog are quirky, sparkly, holographic, fun, and glittery. I'm not entirely sure, but I think in terms of Tumblr categories it fits somewhere between indie, boho, roma and bambi. Anyway, it's all very summery, with a lot of models, jelly shoes, cacti and Charlie & Lola. Here's a sneak peek:

Thank you once again to all my lovely followers on my main blog - stay fabulous!



  1. I followed all your blogs :3
    I have a habit of following people whom I just found out have a tumblr blog.
    Woah, 100 followers?! I was happy yesterday because I got 10 xD I'm such a loser lol

    1. Gosh thank you lots for following me :) And nooo, you're not a loser, getting followers on Tumblr is a very slow process, you just have to be patient and advertise your blog on any social media pages you have ;)