Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Reasons to Smile


I was inspired by my friend Joolz's recent blog post (go check out her blog please!) to make a list of 'things to be happy about' - or, as I've called mine, 'reasons to smile'. Some days it's so difficult to maintain a positive attitude, so I hope that by making this list I can do something to keep my own spirits up in the times I need it most.

1. The crisp smell of new books
2. Velvet creepers
3. Deep texting conversations at 2am
4. Jaffa cakes and jammy dodgers
5. Retro typewriters
6. Rainy days
7. Scrolling through your Tumblr dash
8. The smell of baking
9. Having an impromptu fashion show in your bedroom
10. Ice lollies on hot summer days
11. Internet friends who know you better than anyone
12. Rewatching episodes of Doctor Who
13. A new school year to start afresh
14. Glitter foam shapes and sparkly sequins
15. Marina & the Diamonds
16. Writing poetry at 1am
17. Dungarees and knee-high socks
18. Watching YouTubers do crazy stuff
19. Shopping online from the comfort of your bed
20. Lazy days in summer
21. Best friends who will be there for you no matter what