Saturday, 31 August 2013

Monthly Favourites: August


It's the end of August and I only have two days of holiday left - where did the summer go?! It seems only yesterday I was looking forward to over two months of nothingness, and now school is just around the corner.

Anyway it's time for my first monthly favourites post! I planned to do this at the end of July, but I was poorly and away on holiday so it didn't really work out. The idea is that I ramble on about a few thing I've been loving this month, which can include anything from clothes and accessories to books and TV shows. In the style of YouTubers such as Zoella and dailygrace, here's my monthly favourites for August:

Historical fiction
I've always loved historical fiction, but I've never been quite so into it as I was during August. I reread most of my collection of this genre, which is rapidly expanding to include more adult books and less YA fiction, and I enjoyed it all immensely. I love both reading and history with a passion, so historical fiction is ideal for me! My favourite read of the month was definitely The Rose of Sebastopol, by Katharine McMahon.I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a dose of Victorian life, or is particularly interested in Florence Nightingale and nursing.

Mini Review:
Set in 1854, The Rose of Sebastopol follows the main character Mariella Lingwood and her friendship with her cousin Rosa Barr, as Rosa follows her dream of becoming a nurse and travels to the Russian Crimea to work on the front line. When Rosa vanishes without a trace, leaving only a trail of whispered rumour and scandal behind her, Mariella travels to the heart of the conflict by request of her injured doctor fiancĂ©, in her quest to uncover her cousin's secrets, while navigating the dangerous landscape of the ravaged Crimea. 

I've been on Polyvore for over two years now, but this past month I've acquired a ton of followers (I hit 1000 not too long ago!) and received a lot of likes on my sets. I'm so happy, as I really enjoy putting together sets and collections and it's something that takes up a lot of my time.

Death in Paradise
I don't watch a whole lot of TV (mostly due to the fact that the only two channels we get in English are BBC1 and BBC2), but recently I've been loving the series Death in Paradise, on BBC1. I love crime fiction, and the series is described as a crime comedy-drama. I haven't seen a whole lot of episodes, but I love the characters, the setting, and above all the highly clever plots which I rarely see coming. So far I've only watched repeats of past series, but I'm super excited there's a new season airing next January!

Primark sandals
I spent over a week of August in Spain, and the rest back home where although it wasn't baking hot, summer gear was definitely required. When it comes to summery footwear, I do have quite a lot of ballerina pumps and flipflops, but by far my favourite thing to wear on a walk down to the beach or out to dinner are these sandals I bought a couple of years ago from Primark - they were £6 and have lasted remarkably well for that kind of money. I wear them with everything, from floaty maxi skirts to leggings or denim shorts.

Acid wash denim studded shorts
Speaking of denim shorts: one item of clothing I've found myself wearing a lot this summer are my acid wash shorts from Primark. These were about £12, if I remember correctly, and I got them from Primark for the same reason I buy so many things there: I loved the look of them, but I wasn't sure whether I would enough use out of them to spend a lot of money on them in another shop. But it turns out these were a fantastic purchase, as I've been wearing them a lot this summer! Being denim, they aren't great for wearing in very hot weather, but they're perfect for when the temperature is around 20-25 degrees. They have a lovely pale acid wash effect, with slightly lethal-looking metal studs on one half of the fabric.

Now you may or may not know that I watch a lot of YouTubers. Some of my favourites include Zoella, SprinkleofGlitter, dailygrace, Emma Blackery, danisnotonfire, RoseEllenDix and Tanya Burr - I just love watching the videos they put together, and I really appreciate that so many wonderful people spend their time providing free internet content for the likes of you and I. But something I've found myself getting really into in the past month or so is watching vlogs. Thanks to YouTube events such as Vidcon, there has been no shortage of vlogs of late, and I've been loving watching the little details from people's lives as well as the main videos they make.

Marina & the Diamonds
It's no secret that I love Marina! This month I had quite an obsession with her music, and I spent most of the time sitting at my computer with her album Electra Heart on repeat.

And that's it! Probably a kind of boring/pointless set of favourites for this month, but I'll work on it for September, okay?


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