Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Interneting Updates


So I recently made a Twitter account, with the aim of staying up to date with some of my favourite YouTubers, vloggers and general celebrities, and I'm definitely getting to grips with it. I haven't actually tweeted much myself yet (only some Polyvore sets), but I hope I will when I get more of a feel for the site.

I updated my Twitter profile page today, now it looks like this, and I love it:

Also, if you're on Polyvore (follow me here!), you'll know that they recently changed the profile pages there, and that they now look something like this:

I was most definitely not a fan of the new layout when they first introduced it a couple of weeks ago, but I have to admit it's growing on me in some aspects - I think my immediate reaction was just that ingrained dislike of change a lot of people have. To summarise:

What I like about the new profile pages:
- you can choose what to see when visiting other people's pages, such as collections or items likes
- the grid layout, which is just right to get an overview of the person's sets and also see some detail

What I don't like:
- no option to display both sets and collections
- the lack of a page quote option
- the lack of a showcase

I really hate that showcases and quotes have been taken away from the profile page - these went at the top of your page, when your name, icon and bio were still on the right hand side, and really told you a lot about the person whose page you were on. Which is why I'm confused as to how exactly Polyvore is claiming that the new layout lets us express ourselves more than before, as the way I see it they've got rid of the only two things which really let us personalise it.

It's strange when a website you use every day and have done for a long time changes so dramatically, but then I suppose everything has to progress, and here's to hoping this will lead to better changes in the future.


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