Thursday, 22 August 2013

Another H&M Haul


Although it may not seem like it, I do occasionally do more things than shop and blog, but I love both so blogging about shopping is my idea of heaven. Today I went to H&M again, because my mum was going to the local shopping centre and I decided to tag along. The photos I took are even worse quality than usual, as it's a kind of bright-but-grey day today, and the light is doing something funky with my phone's camera.

 Cardigan from H&M, €14.95

I absolutely love this cardigan, in fact I'm wearing it as I type this. I have quite a lot of cardis, including a dark purple one and a brown one, but this is a gorgeous 'oxblood' shade, somewhere between purple and brown. It's a great length too, as it's not too long to make an outfit look out of balance or show at the bottom of a jacket, but neither is there any danger of it shrinking in the wash, which is what seems to have happened to a lot of my other cardigans. 

Grey Skater Skirt from H&M, €9.95

Terrible photo alert... But anyway, this skater skirt is a lovely dark grey colour, and nicely weighted so it swings a little. I'd say it's a bit shorter than your average skater skirt, but I don't mind that. I was so pleased to see it was only €10! I actually went out looking for a grey skirt, as I have two black ones but I find that I tend to wear them with black tights in the winter, which ends up overloading slightly on the black, especially as I normally wear them with my black creepers or black boots. But this should be great with dark tights - I do feel like I'm wearing school uniform in it though!

Black Satchel Bag from H&M, €24.95

As usual, I was in dire need of a bag for school. I usually buy cheap ones from Primark, New Look or H&M, which are wont to fall apart after a few months, which is the case of my current school bag, which cost £9 from Primark and is ripping at the base of the straps. Hopefully this is a slight step up on the quality front, (although you can't tell from the photo, it actually looks quite high-quality material) so should last a bit longer, and it's also exactly what I had in mind - black with a long strap, and with enough room inside for everything I need for school.

Hair Bows from H&M, €2.95

I rarely ever do anything more interesting with my hair than straighten it (with my beloved ghd straighters) or leave it in it's natural crazy state which is somewhere between curly and wavy, with a great deal of frizz for good measure. But I saw these little bows on hair elastics, and thought "Why not?". I only really like the black one, but I might be a daredevil and wear the jazzy leopard print one someday...

And that's it! Not a particularly exciting haul, but I just about managed to tear myself away from these imitation Jeffrey Campbell Litas to buy some autumn/winter staples.


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