Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Oh So Retro


Despite only starting this blog less than a week ago, I seem to have already neglected it slightly... However I do have a good reason for this - I've been staying with family in the UK, and I've been getting up to all sorts of vaguely interesting things. But the most exciting thing has definitely been getting my typewriter! I'd spent months lusting after a few different models on eBay, but then a couple of weeks ago I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy one - this proved tricky for reasons which I won't go into, but I eventually managed to get my uncle (a seasoned eBay pro) to do the ordering part for me. It was waiting for me when we arrived, and oh, is it beautiful!

It's an Imperial 200, dating from circa 1960, and a lovely pale blue colour with barely any signs of aging or wear. It came with a carry case too, which will be great for getting it back home. I've been typing out nonsense to get a feel for it, and I have to say I wasn't quite aware of how hard you have to press the keys for it to make a decent mark, nor of the clatter it makes when you're typing quickly! I was thundering away at it in the living room and interrupting all conversation before I got told to take it somewhere else...

I'm so thrilled with it, as it's something I've really wanted for a while, and managed to get for a very reasonable £25 (including postage). It's so tactile and pressing the keys is surprisingly satisfying, much more so than a modern computer keyboard! I haven't quite decided what I'll be using it for yet (perhaps some homework? Poetry?) but I'm sure it will be put to good use.



  1. My mom used to own one in her days, but she finds it a pain to type on it xD
    I would use it to write my mini-novels (for which I usually use cheap diaries and a pencil) or just as a decoration in my bedroom. It's so pwetty :)

    1. Omg helloo my first ever follower, thanks so much! :D Welcome to my blog, have a cookie and all that jazz :D

      But yep, I'm hoping to display the typewriter somewhere in my room too, need to decide where though. I originally wanted to use it for my writing, but I like to edit my stories to death, which isn't exactly possible on a typewriter :P I guess it is kind of a pain to type on, if you're used to a smooth computer keyboard, but that's part of the charm of it xD

    2. Hehe, you're welcome! I'm surprised I'm the only follower though o.0

    3. Ahaha well I guess it hasn't even been going a week, so I guess one follower is pretty good going. Hopefully some more lovely people will take pity on me and follow though! :P