Monday, 15 July 2013

Good Gravecious Me


One hot, sunny afternoon when I was in the UK, I wandered down to the church of the little village where my grandparents live. Even after my trip to find and photograph the graveyards where my ancestors rest, I had by no means had enough of churches - I'm not in the least religious, but I find it so peaceful walking through a deserted graveyard, surrounded by history and people long forgotten. This particular one has a rabbit problem, and the grass is dotted with warrens, invisible from the surface, but which can't be relied on to support a person's weight - around one headstone I had to tread carefully so as not to find myself with one foot in the grave! (See what I did there?). Anyway, despite the tricky navigation, the light was good and I managed to get some halfway decent photos.

Not content with just wandering around during the afternoon, I decided to go back later, when it was dark, as my grandparents only live about a minute's walk from the church. I took a few photos, but they're decidedly worse quality than the daytime ones, thanks to my phone not being good at dealing with night shots!

I did, however, manage to capture one grave in a creepy light using the flash and a greyscale setting:

It was actually a lot less dark than it looks on the photos, so I managed to return home with nothing but a few mozzie bites, no grave injuries. (See what I did there again?!). I stun myself with my own wit sometimes, but I think the title of this post leaves something to be desired...



  1. That's so cool! I love doing that too, I never picked you to be someone who goes back to look at graves in the darkness but that's awesome! <3 <3 You really feel like you're in deep deep history if you see what I mean :p

    1. I totally do xD Ahaha, remember on D of E, every time we passed a graveyard? :')