Monday, 15 July 2013

For the Record


When I got my typewriter a week ago, my little brother was immediately obsessed with it, and I could hardly get near it on that first day. Since then, he's jumped on the retro bandwagon and ordered himself a record player off Amazon, which prompted my mum to dig out her enormous record collection and spend hours reminiscing over 80s classics. My brother only listened to a few of them before selecting a few firm favourites, to which I now know all the words as they've been playing on repeat ever since he got the player.

It's not a vintage model, it's new, which is apparently important to make sure it all works properly. I think it's highly awesome, so I'm thinking of getting Lana Del Rey's album Born to Die on a vinyl record to play on it. I'm not massively into music, but there's something so much more satisfying about dropping the needle onto the record, and the slightly glitchy sound it produces, compared to listening to an iPod or a CD.



  1. You know, I was actually really wondering about what it looked like when you told me he'd bought one! And you can get it on vinyl on Amazon, I believe XD I want to buy one now, and just play Lana on repeat, I'm sure my parents would make some sort of sarky remark about me "depressing music", although my mum loves Born to Die and Blue Jeans, I suppose she only likes Lana when it suits her :P

    1. Yup, I linked to it on Amazon, it doesn't come up in a different colour though so it's tricky to see - must fix that! :P Ahaha I know what you mean, but how awesome would Lana sound on vinyl?! You should totally get a record player, they're not overly expensive (again I linked to this one in the post) and you can get the actual records for about 30p each in charity shops if you don't have any hanging around :)